Residential Disposal Policy

Policy Conditions Effective July 1, 2023


Residents of the Cities of Roanoke and Salem, Roanoke County and the Town of Vinton may dispose of household waste at no charge under this policy at:

  • Salem Transfer Station
    1271 Indiana Street
    Salem, VA
  • Tinker Creek Transfer Station:
    1020 Hollins Road NE
    Roanoke, VA


  • Contracted Work: No
  • Do it Yourself Construction Debris
  • Frequency: 12 Trips Per Year (July 1 through June 30)
  • Maximum Vehicle Size: ¾ ton Pickup; Trailer (Greater than 8 foot are charged 2 trips)
  • Residential only - From Roanoke Valley Resource Authority (RVRA) Service-Area Only: Yes
  • Rock, Dirt, Brick, Concrete, Asphalt: Yes Up to 500 Pounds
  • Shingles: No
  • Single-Family Rental Property Residents: Yes - Tenants Only
  • Stumps/logs greater than 24 inches in diameter: No
  • Tires: 4 Passenger Car Tires Per Trip, after (4) $5 each
  • VA Licensed Vehicle and Driver: Yes
  • Vacant Lots: Yes
  • Waivers and Special Disposal: Yes, with Prior Approval

Additional Contact Information

  • RVRA: 857-5050 

Waivers & Special Disposal Information

  • City of Roanoke - 853-2000 
  • City of Salem - 375-3071 
  • County of Roanoke - 387-6225 
  • Town of Vinton - 983-0605

Unacceptable Waste

If the inspection determines any contents of load are not acceptable to waste, the resident will pay for disposal at the prevailing fee. All Waivers and Special disposal slips will become null and void. 

Important Information

  • All loads must be properly covered or the driver shall pay a $25 fee before dumping
  • Maximum size vehicle approved under the Free Residential Program is a ¾ ton or 8 foot trailer
  • The program is not available for waste generated by contracted work
  • RVRA reserves the right to refuse acceptance of any material for any reason at its sole discretion
  • RVRA reserves the right to require proof of residence (i.e. valid driver's license; utility bill, etc.)
  • Tires are $5 each over the set limit; tires must be separated from other waste when dumped
  • Trailers greater than 8' will be assessed 2 trips toward the 12-trip/year allotment
  • This program applies to the Primary Residence only

Acceptable Material

Accepted materials as long as it's not a result of contracted work:

  • Brush or shrubbery, Yard Waste Furniture, and Appliances
  • Construction and remodeling debris resulting from doing it yourself - homeowner work
  • Household debris from clean up or clean out

Unacceptable - Fees for Transfer Station

  • $15 Minimum Charge
  • $37 per ton for Untreated Wood Products
  • $65.75 per ton for Mixed Waste
  • $65.75 per ton for Treated Wood Products

Waste Not Acceptable for Residential Disposal

  • Hazardous, infectious, and liquid wastes 
  • Waste generated outside the Cities of Roanoke and Salem, the County of Roanoke or the Town of Vinton