Municipal and Commercial Rates

Roanoke Valley Resource Authority (RVRA)
Waste Disposal Fees and Charges as of July 1, 2022


  • Alternate Daily Cover $25 Per Ton
    • (Accepted only at Smith Gap Landfill with prior notification and approval.) Vehicle Weigh Fee (Non-Member Vehicles): $25
  • Construction and Demolition Waste: $64.50 Per Ton
  • Commercial Waste: $64.50 Per Ton
  • Minimum Charge for Per Ton Fees: $15
  • Municipal Waste: $55.00 Per Ton
  • Special Wastes (Accepted only with prior approval and notification.) 
    • Asbestos (Non-Friable): $64.50 Per Ton
    • Asbestos (Friable): $100 Per Ton 
    • Dead Animals: $64.50 Per Ton
    • Others (as determined by Resource Authority): $64.50 to $100 Per Ton
  • Tires: $255 Per Ton
    • Tires Mixed with Other Waste Prevailing Rate: $5 Per Tire
  • Unacceptable Waste Charges: $100 per ton at minimum one ton plus handling costs, related damages, and lost revenue
  • Uncovered Vehicles Additional: $25
  • Wood Mulch Sales (When Available) 
    • Pick up Trucks and Small Trailers (1 Bucket): No Charge
  • Wood Waste
    • Clean Loads of Untreated Brush or Wood Suitable for Tub Grinding: $36 Per Ton

Late Penalty

Late account penalty is 10% of the amount plus interest at the legal rate on the principal.

Additional Information

The Roanoke Valley Resource Authority reserves the right to establish fees and charges as it deems necessary and appropriate for wastes not listed herein and to refuse to accept any material deemed by the authority to be unacceptable.